How It Works

By deploying targeted financial tools and technical assistance designed to unlock new solar energy projects that face barriers due to region-specific challenges, the Appalachian Solar Finance Fund (SFF) promotes economic recovery and diversification in Central Appalachian communities directly impacted by the decline in the region’s coal economy.

The SFF’s targeted blend of financing tools can be used to:

Offset predevelopment and early-stage solar project costs, including:

  • roof repairs
  • engineering and design
  • energy auditing
  • grant writing
  • permitting and inspection
  • utility interconnection fees
  • and more!

Support innovative, replicable approaches to project development and financing that:

  • unlock additional solar deployment in the region
  • build a trained local solar workforce

We work with:

Nonprofit organizations

Public institutions


Competitive sub-grant awards

Technical assistance contracts

Credit enhancements

Bridge loans

We also work with:

Commercial businesses serving as anchor institutions in their local communities


Technical assistance contracts

Credit enhancements

A review of project readiness and impact criteria ensures that SFF-financed projects are:

Financially viable

Highly probable to result in more solar being deployed in the region

Tangibly beneficial to the local community

The resulting solar projects produce a powerful convergence of:

Employment opportunities

Business creation

New investments

This all comes together to create and retain wealth in coal-impacted Central Appalachian communities.

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