Solar installation for charity construction at Good Works



  • FUNDING: The Appalachian Solar Finance Fund awarded Good Works $8,250 in October 2022, adding to a $31,755 total investment.
  • PLACEMENT: Appalachian Renewable Power Systems (ARP Solar) donated volunteer labor, placing an 11-kW solar array on the building. 
  • ENERGY SAVINGS: Good Works’ solar installation is set to offset over half of the organization’s annual electricity usage.
  • COST SAVINGS: Thanks to help from ARP Solars and the Appalachian Solar Finance Fund, Good Works is projected to save $43,641 in the solar array’s lifetime!

Good Works, Inc. can continue to be a light to its Athens, OH, community thanks to a recent solar installation for charity with help from the Appalachian Solar Finance Fund (SFF). In October 2022, the SFF awarded Good Works a grant of $8,250, contributing to a solar array projected to result in about $43,641 in cost savings over the system’s lifetime! 

Good Works provides support to those who experience homelessness and serves as an auto, appliance, and food donation center. Good Works’ community programming for Athens residents offers life-changing opportunities for people to love their neighbors. This service-based organization is rooted in faith to empower and transform lives. Going solar allows Good Works to pay it forward to their community instead of to energy bills. 

An 11-kW rooftop solar array was installed by Appalachian Renewable Power Systems (ARP Solar), which volunteered its services to the organization in November 2022. Going solar helps Good Works focus on uplifting people while protecting its environment, as the installation slashes the organization’s energy usage by 51%. With help from the SFF and ARP Solar, Good Works is setting the stage to spread the benefits of solar power to Athens residents and the community it serves. 

The Appalachian Solar Finance Fund is a regional financial and technical assistance program dedicated to spurring new solar development in coal-impacted counties of Central Appalachia. We can help with financing for solar installation for charity. If you are interested in bringing solar power to your community, learn more about how it works and apply online for grants and technical assistance.