SOLAR SUCCESS STORY: Lifeline Church of God Solar Project


  • FUNDING: $44,460 from the Appalachian Solar Finance Fund
  • PLACEMENT: A 446.9-kilowatt solar installation in Princeton, WV.
  • COST SAVINGS: Lifetime energy savings of approximately $1,938,000
  • IMPACT: The solar panels will save the church approximately $65,000 each year in electricity costs. Those savings will be reallocated to provide expanded children’s programming, additional meals and beds for shelter residents, and other local community initiatives.

Forging a bright future for solar energy means many powerful partnerships.The Appalachian Solar Finance Fund (SFF)-funded project with Lifeline Church of God in Princeton, West Virginia, showcases an example of the confluence of knowledge, skills, and funding.

Lifeline’s pastor, J.D. Hurt, worked to finalize the solar project to save his congregation money by installing solar panels on the church’s roof. This project was possible with SFF funding plus the help of Inflation Reduction Act tax credits. Every dollar saved he puts directly back into community programs, helping more folks in Princeton access the church’s critical programs.

See this project in action

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